Group Castel

Bobinados Castel, is one of the two companies that form the Castel Group dedicated to the sale, repair, maintenance and winding of any type of electric motor.

Backed by our more than 50 years of experience in the market, our portfolio of services includes the commercialization of servomotors and industrial motors in general, pumps, reducers and the supply of industrial spare parts.

We understand that the quality of service is a customer's right, so we have a Technical and Commercial Department to offer you the best attention you deserve.

Bobinados Castel

Bobinados Castel, S.A., of Castel Group, is a company with a solid experience in the repair of servomotors for the industry in general.

The Management of Bobinados Castel, S.A. is committed to develop the Quality Policy, to communicate it and to revise it for its continuous adaptation, with the aim of making it a reference framework for the whole company.

To this end, we will base our Quality Policy on the following principles.

  • The customer is an essential element and raison d'être of our company. Therefore, knowing their needs and judgments is fundamental for us. For this, we will spread the maximum communication with the customer.
  • An important part of customer satisfaction lies in the quality of service. Our commitment is to reduce possible deviations by acting preventively to meet your requirements.
  • All the activities developed in castelomega, s.l., must be conceived and executed with the aim of customer satisfaction, which means that quality is everyone's responsibility.
  • Our suppliers make a valuable contribution to helping us meet customer needs. It is therefore essential to maintain good cooperation in order to move forward together in this concept.
  • Continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the quality management system and its processes is a guarantee for the future. Our objective is to reduce errors and the causes that produce them by introducing preventive schemes.
  • To ensure the leadership of Bobinados Castel, S.A. in the market at competitive prices, we will continuously improve to reduce non-productive costs by applying modern concepts of quality.
  • The personnel of Bobinados Castel, S.A. is the maximum value of the company. For this reason, the management will provide training for the improvement of their capabilities, as well as the necessary resources for the performance of their work.

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